Next up on the Euro Trip 2010 was a little stop off in Switzerland. We were headed down to Italy, and had some friends living in a small town called Stansstand, Switzerland, and thought we would pay them a visit.

And I must say, having friends in new places is absolutely the best. Plus these friends were some of the best hosts we have ever been hosted by. They just made everything fun and exciting for the short 3 days we were there. We went hiking up a mountain that their family owns (yes, this is for real, they OWN a MOUNTAIN!). We went to a glacier, went swimming in a lake, had some incredible meals both in town, and home cooked, watched our friend win a film festival, and all the while got to soak in the ridiculous beauty of the country. It is really second to none. I thought New Zealand had the crown for most beautiful country? Boy was I wrong. Switzerland is what New Zealand aspires to be. It is no wonder that Walt Disney modeled the whole world of disneyland after this part of the planet. All you want to do is smile and play. As you can see Switzerland receives my highest recommendation.

And naturally the photos that came from such a place were hard to get wrong. When I look at them, all I can think about is wanting to go back to this wonderful place.