Well it's been an interesting month for project. I'd classify it more as superb. It began with discovering I was a finalist in the Canon Photo 5 photography contest, was followed by the release of a video project between myself and a good friend, which ended up going viral on the internet, and was capped off by finding out last week that I won the photography contest, along with a new camera, lens, and a trip to Queenstown.

The photo contest win has been incredibly unexpected and incredibly flattering. I never had any intention of receiving any attention for my entries, it was merely for a sense of accomplishment and an excuse for Haej and I to take some fun pregnancy photos. What I ended up with was an honor that I am still trying to process.

And the Wellington Love Letter, which was a joke video I directed and created with a friend of mine before he moved to NYC, was sent out at work on his last day. It quickly went viral, and made its rounds in NZ, and the US. There were even rumours of it closing down the London Stock Exchange on their big trading floor monitors. There was a week of news paper articles (front page!), radio interviews, and other attention. And what has resulted is Wellington Tourism board, and potentially NZ tourism board, seeking me out to create media for them. Again, this video was meant as a fun project for Jesse and I, and turned into something so much more than expected. It has been a surreal experience to say the least.

And with November behind me, I look forward to Dec. and onward, as many new adventures await...

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