The next stop on our Euro travels took us to Paris, France. After a nice, leisurely half day train ride up from San Sebastian (1st class, spared no expense ;-), we found ourselves in balmy, busy, Gay Paree. I had been here once before, and it hadn't been one of my favorites the first time. Haej on the other hand had fond memories on the place. So seeing as my first visit had been also my first foreign travel experience altogether, I gave it an open fresh mind.

I did find some things worth being fond of, but for the most part once again I was not struck by the city the way so many other European cities have impressed and hypnotized me. It seemed that most of what I could find in Paris, I have found in other, smaller, more intimate cities around Europe. The irony, is that one of my favorite European cities has always been Rome: one of the monsters of all European cities. So I can't attribute my mediocre feelings on Paris to simple "city girth". I mean, I am a once New Yorker, and I love that city, so size is not the issue.

I guess it really just comes down to your initial experience with any given city. Haejin's first experience with Paris was memorable, romantic, and full of excitement. Mine was short, tiring, and full of congestion. My first visit to Rome on the other hand had so many of those "magical European" moments of happenstance and right-place-at-the-right-time moments of joy, that it is irreplaceable in my mind. And therefore, so is the city. But the Rome photos will come later. In the meantime, direct your gaze to the short but sweet set of Paris photos below.